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Why rent from Smyrna Storage Center? Well, because put simply - we are the best! See below for all the reasons you need to make a sound decision. Smyrna Storage center is in the business of providing peace of mind to our self storage customers. Trusted for the storage of business records, inventory, family heirlooms, etc. We offer convenient, drive up access to minimize the distance between your vehicle and storage unit. Although there may be no guarantee against life's mishaps, we take the issue of security seriously and provide the best in service to all of our customers. We care about the people and community we serve and continually strive to make a positive difference. We have a variety of sizes available. Currently we have 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20 units, we are expanding this summer to accommodate RV & boat storage and climate control units, coming soon!

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Rent Self Storage Units in Smyrna, TN

We offer a wide variety of storage unit types and sizes to meet any requirements you might need. We take pride in making sure our storage units are clean, secure & most of all-affordable. Feel free to call us anytime for your unit or simply rent your storage unit below!

Units Automatically Enrolled in Our Storelocal Tenant Protection Program with $2,000 Coverage for Only $9.00 per Month

A $25.00 Non Refundable Deposit/Admin Fee Due at Lease Signing

Rent Online & Your Second Month is Free!

5 x 10

It fits furnishings of a mid-sized bedroom, including a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a TV and several small to medium-sized boxes.

$65 / month Only 1 left!

10 x 15

It fits the contents of two or three bedrooms and larger items such as a piano, couches, tables, or large-screen TVs, plus several medium to large-sized boxes.

$135 / month

10 x 10

It fits the contents of an entire family room or two full bedrooms, including several small to medium-sized boxes.

$120 / month Only 2 left!

10 x 20

It fits the contents of a multi-bedroom house, including several oversized items like a couch, a refrigerator, a washer/dryer and a dining room set or several large boxes.

$175 / month

Why Rent Storage Units From Smyrna Storage Center?

Knowledge Is Value

There are multiple different reasons why you would be searching for a storage facility. Whatever the case is, there are a few things to know when searching for a storage facility that you can entrust with your belongings. Usually the greatest priority is cost and location. How close do you live to the facility? Is is the most inexpensive facility in the area as far as the size you are looking for. Maybe it's the least expensive but it's also the least secure, does the facility have a fence or gate, is the property grounds well lit? These are things to keep in mind. Also how does the management treat you? Are they professional with how they interact? Maybe you prefer not to go through a manager, with technology now days you can basically rent storage online without ever meeting the manager at the storage facility. Do you prefer this? If you do, are you able to log in and make a payment through their website? can they set you up on recurring billing so you don't have to remember to send a check in every month? Maybe a past experience with a manager would make it totally worth it to rent a storage unit entirely on your own through the internet. Once you find that storage facility that you want to rent storage from, then there are a few other tips to keep in mind. As you store your items make sure the valuables are properly stored so they don't break. Try to keep an aisle open so if you need to get to an item clear in the back it will be a little more accessible, also try to face the labels on the boxes out. Try not to stack items too high, this could become a hazard. Read the storage agreement for important information like different fees or an early move outs. As you rent your storage unit, keep these tips in mind and it will be sure to make your storage renting days a more pleasurable experience.

Customer Benefits With AutoPay

Have you ever wanted to setup an automatic payment plan but have been hesitant because you have never done it before? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Anyone who has set up an AutoPay plan can tell you that it can be scary the first time, but in reality it’s extremely beneficial and secure. Here are 4 reasons why:

Reduced risk of identity theft. Many people believe paper bills are safer than electronic payments. However, experts say a paper bill sitting in a mailbox with your name and account number is actually putting yourself at a higher risk for identity theft than electronic payment.

Lower cost. Checks, stamps, ATMS and your time - four things that are not free. However, AutoPay is. Paper billing is spending more money for less convenience.

Stay on time. Late payments occasionally decrease your credit score and late fees are no fun either. Autopay allows effortless and timely payments.

Peace of mind. You never have to miss a payment and you can add ‘stress’ to the list of things you won’t miss when you set up automatic payments. Your amount that you have to pay will automatically come out on the same day of your choice each month. Setting up automatic payments at your storage facility, will allow you to worry less and keep you from jolting out of bed in the morning when you realize you forgot to pay for your storage unit.

Although AutoPay is convenient and secure, it may not be for everyone. If you don’t have a bank account or your income is very irregular, it may not be the ideal payment system for you. Consider these things before setting up an AutoPay plan.

Please contact us today and set up your unit with Autopay.

Rent & Pay Online

Our website is easy to use and has all the features for a rich interactive experience. We make renting storage online easy and hassle free!

Customer Service

We are dedicated to customer service. We are committed to offering you exceptional value for your hard earned money. We strive to ensure an amazing experience renting storage units.

Finding & Renting a Storage Unit

Finding a storage facility to rent from can be a pain! There are a lot of factors that go into finding the storage facility that'??s right for you. Most people might think that the only factor would be the cost, This article will explain other factors that are just as important as the cost when searching for the correct self storage facility.

Finding! Forget about the old days of using the phone book to call a bunch of different storage facilities with half of them answering their phones, and half of those people having what you have available to rent, and then half of those not being able to meet you at the facility to let you in until it'??s on their time frame. Today we have the greatest resources ever, the Internet.? You can quickly search on the internet find a website for the storage facility and see everything they offer, what units are available, you can rent and pay online, and move in same day. When it comes to finding, The Internet is the source to go to! Now that you'??ve found a bunch of different storage facilities it'??s time to ask yourself some questions about the storage facilities that you'??ve found.

  • First, is Cost: How much does the storage unit cost?

  • Location: Is it close to roads? How is the Neighborhood? Are the Neighboring business kept in good shape?

  • Lighting: is there good lighting available for those darker winter months?

  • Easy Access: Can you easily maneuver a truck around the facility?

  • Fence & Gate: Is there a fence or a gate?

  • Features: Do they have any convenience features such as ability to rent online? receive Text/Email Notifications about your bill, or account? Can you access your bill online and make a payment online? can you be set up on recurring billing?

Keep all of these questions in mind as you search for and rent your next storage facility, it could save you some headache down the road.

We invite you to rent a unit with us at Smyrna Storage Center.

We Consider Your Needs

Five Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Usually when people are looking for a place to store their stuff, price and proximity are the two top-featured aspects. This article will shed some light on other important features to keep in mind when sizing up a storage facility. These simple suggestions will benefit first-renters as well as seasoned storage veterans alike.

  1. Facility Security


Knowing that your belongings are safe and secure is a top priority and will give you the peace of mind so that you are not always worrying about your stuff. Paying close attention to the security features that any facility you are considering renting from is important. Look for:

  • Security Cameras

  • Fence Around Facility

  • How well the storage units are constructed.

  • Locks on the units (don’t use bolt locks that can easily be cut)

  • Code-locked Gate at Entrance

  • Good-Lighting

  • Neighborhood around where facility is located

Don’t be afraid to ask the owner about the security measures that their respective facility offers.

  1. Facility Cleanliness


Along with facility security, make sure that your valuables will be kept clean and in good condition by evaluating the cleanliness of the facility before renting. Tour the facility and the individual units to make sure everything is orderly and neat. You will want to make sure your unit is protected from the elements such as moisture, dirt, and floods as well as from mice and other rodents.

  1. After Hours Access & Assistance

after hours.jpg

Before renting, make sure you will have access to your stuff year round and that the facility owner will be good to work with. There is nothing more frustrating than needing something from your storage, driving across town to go get it, and then being stopped at the gate because of bad facility access problems. These types of things can be eliminated with a little foresight and evaluation.

  1. Self Storage Insurance


Some storage facilities will offer Self Storage Insurance to add an extra layer of security knowing your items are protected. Check with each owner to see what the facility offers as a way of insurance. While an important factor to consider, if your facility meets all other criteria this may not be a deal-breaker.

  1. Climate Controlled Facility  


One last thing that would be important to keep in mind is the actual items you are planning on storing. Questions you should ask yourself-- How long am I planning on storing my items? Are these belongings heat/cold sensitive? Is it worth a little extra money to make sure my stuff is protected from the elements?

Items that might require climate sensitive storage include:

  • Electronics

  • Business Documents

  • Family Heirlooms

  • Vehicles

  • Valuable Art (Paintings & Photography)

  • Furniture

If you have any questions about whether or not climate controlled storage is for you, feel free to call or email us!

Choosing the right facility to rent from is like choosing a good landlord. It will save you time and headaches in the future and make the entire experience more enjoyable. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to look for when choosing the storage that works for you!